My Career Canvas
Thursday 3 Mar - Thursday 3 Mar

Skills mapping, career assessment, role evolution?
What happens if before skills confirmation, we do not have our potential  confirmation? We sabotage ourselves, we could convince ourselves that the career, intense as vertical growth, is not for us.

For these (and other) situations, there is a tool that allows us to acquire in a natural and unfiltered way those confirmations.
It is called My Career Canvas and was designed by two former Manager Assistants, Michela Luoni and Selvaggia Fagioli. Thanks to their ten-year experience in the role managed to put their transversal skills in an entrepreneurial activity.

Event held in Italian 

Michela Luoni

Michela Luoni is a remote work consultant and trainer, virtual office manager, and Scrum Master. She is passionate about using technology applied to office activities, staff training, and digital communication.

Selvaggia Fagioli

Selvaggia Fagioli is  a strategy mentor & advisor, supporting startup founders and entrepreneurs in defining strategies and business models. As Scrum Master, she guides companies implementing corporate business agility plans to define and maintain competitive advantage.

"The Assistant Academy" is a professional innovation project created to satisfy the demand for strategic training for Executive Assistants and office staff in Italy.

Conceived and founded in 2020 by Michela Luoni and Selvaggia Fagioli, two business consultants with a nerd soul: a decade of experience as Manager Assistant behind them, added certification as Scrum Master Certified (SMC ©) and a solid knowledge of tools for business organization and communication.

The Assistant Academy