Linguaggio inclusivo
Monday 18 Sep - Monday 18 Sep

18 September 2023, 18.30 CEST

IMA Italy - Inclusive language

IMA Italy presents - Rosa Scalise  accepted our request to approach the topic beyond the simple comparison among different languages. Curious about what is she preparing for us ? Stay tuned! 

Webinar on MS Team at 6.30PM

Political correctness and inclusive language go hand in hand as both focus on the use of neutral terms and expressions that typically combats prejudices. These concepts affect the psychological and social forces of the everyday lives of people. 

Those who adopt the form of political correctness and inclusive language indirectly reject the possibilities of anything against these values. Many businesses and organizations cater to their mass audiences by choosing to indulge in or reject these ideologies. By choosing one or the other, businesses alienate themselves from the many possibilities of the opposing side. 

For example, companies foster a sense of equality using inclusive language like gender neutral terms, therefore reducing sexism for their customers and employees. However, they cast out those who do not believe in supporting the use of gender neutral terms which can either help or harm the company.