business etiquette
Thursday 16 Feb - Thursday 16 Feb

Growing globalisation has made it even more evident that cultural differences are a key factor in international business relations, an element that we absolutely cannot ignore for success.

When moving on the international market it is therefore essential to develop an intercultural sensitivity, which represents a crucial

competence with the same value as managerial skills.

You need to be able to translate the professional skills needed to be efficient and effective in your own country into behaviours that are

equally effective with people from different countries and cultures. 

Assumptions and expectations often vary from one country to another and from one culture to another (from communication to the way of maintaining relationships, from a sense of humour to the value of a contract).

It is necessary to acquire fundamental knowledge about what is "normal"in other countries in order to be able to work successfully in an

increasingly globalised world.

Therefore, we need to have information in order not to make mistakes, as well as, know the correct sources of information.

To help businessmen/women with the necessary information, we have created a basic and practical format to avoid the most common errors.

Small practical macro analysis of some cultures:

- Southern Europe (case history)

- North America (case history)

- Latin America (case history)

- Eastern Cultures (case history)

Webinar on MS Team at 6.30PM CET

Our trainer is Edda Abbagliati.

Thanks to her extensive training in the area of etiquette and protocol, Edda created in 2006 EAS – Edda Accademia di Stile, an exclusive programme of courses dedicated to ceremonial, protocol and etiquette, in private and professional life. The objective of the courses is the knowledge of the rules of ceremonial, protocol, good manners, etiquette and Cross Culture.

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