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We offer opportunities to connect, learn, share both nationally & internationally!

We offer opportunities to connect, learn, share both nationally & internationally!

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26-28 Aprile:International Training Day - Barcelona The Digital Age:Your Online Brand Matters-Be Strategic. Barcelona, Spain. Find here the complete Training Day information

25-27 Ottobre: International IMA Conference & AGM The Digital Age:The Future of the Executive Assistant-Technology, Leadership, You

International Events

Take advantage of the unique mix offered by IMA networking The development of management support professional’s performance in the workplace is critical to the success of their companies. IMA's Training & Development has the potential to make a strong positive impact on the performance of its members and their careers.

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  • Training Day 2019 _Topic: The Future is now Greece

  • Annual Conference 2019 Topic: The Future is now Switzerland

From EAPS to IMA

In 1984 Anna D’Angelo Bechi decided to found the Italian group of EAPS, European Association of Professional Secretaries, after her meeting in Lugano, during a Secretary World Congress, with Sonia Vanular, founder and first Executive Chairman of EAPS. The presentation of the Association to the potential members and media took place in Milan in March 1984 and Anna D’Angelo Bechi became our first National Chairman. 33 years have passed from that day, and during the last 33 years we have been evolving as well as our profession.

From Secretaries to Manager Assistants, the aims of the Association were:
* be the recognized voice of the Management Assistant profession in Europe;
* to create an image of the MA as an essential element of the management team;
* to establish a network of highly competent MAs;

After more than 30 years we are still committed to increase members'personal and professional efficency by supporting a tailor made education, encouraging to attending our international meetings that deal with topics related to the current business environment, as well as creating new business opportunities.

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    We know that, to be at your best you need:

    * a global network of peers
    * high-quality development training
    * exchange of ideas
    * advocacy for our profession
    * ..IMA!
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    IMA is a professional not-for profit association, therefore it's run on voluntary basis. If you want to support our work, please use the below button.

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We are represented in 25 Countries with a National Group: find you IMA peers here.

We are represented in 25 Countries with a National Group: find you IMA peers here.


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Interested in becoming a member?